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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why Apple Has To Go 'Guns Out' To Stay Fresh Meat In 2011

     CES 2011 was a great time for Android, Motorola, Sony and other companies to share all their new latest and greatest hope-to-be Apple killing products. Android seems to be popping out new tablets like Nadya Suleman is babies and every new phone they release (which seems like everyday) is 'the best one' and 'the game changer'. Apple has one tablet, one phone, two laptop choices, two desktop choices and thats it, don't like it, don't get it. Too Android, having just one option is blasphemy, can you imagine only one Android tablet, or just one Android phone, I sure can't. Now that the market has more options and more selection, as oppose to just a year or two ago, where if you didn't like Blackberry or Palm, you had an iPhone. Apple didn't also have to be on their full game, just take the iPhone 3Gs as an example, there wasn't much difference between the 3Gs to 3G, a speed boost, voice control and a compass. Thats really it. Even then, the competitiveness wasn't as high as it is today. If Apple thinks they can rule the market like they were/are, the iPhone 5 has to do what the iPhone 4 did, (without the antenna problem). It has to completely change everything, make everything right. iOS 5 has to have features that jailbreakers want, purchasable themes/new home screen layout options,  personal hotspot (already somewhat have) and subfolders. One games folder, within the folder are your action games, board, trivia, adventure..... ect.
     The iPad, thinner, lighter, hi-res screen, cameraS (2 cameraS), CDMA, GSM, faster processor, more RAM. Thats everything that people want for the new iPad 2, whose release should be in the next month or so. Many also requested a 7 inch version of product, but Jobs crushed those hopes when in an interview he said that 7 inch tablets are DOA (dead on arrival). If Apple puts all these things on the iPad 2, and maybe some more, it'll be lookin' good for Apple in 2011.

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