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Friday, October 14, 2011

REVIEW: Kindle

I love Amazon. I love Kindle. I love books. I only love books when I read them on the Kindle. 
Thats something you may hear me say. But only 3 out of 4 things stated above are true. The one thats not true you ask? The third one. Now don't get me wrong, I like books, just don't adore them. But that all changes when I read them on the Kindle. Maybe that's why I've owned every Kindle since the 1st Gen. It's the only way you'll get me to read. Throw me a Kindle, and I'll read, throw me a book. It's like throwing Superman a bar of Kryptonite. It just doesn't fit. Me+Book= :s

Anyway, I've got my self a brand spankin' new Amazon Kindle, the $79 dollar one. And I'm about to review it. Wanna hear my take? Read on after the break!
     The new Kindle was a big..downgrade. They took away the keyboard, took away a big chunk of the bezel, but best of all, a big chunk of the price. But is it really a downgrade like the critics said? Or an amazing piece of tech? Lets find out!
     I was able to get my hands on the new Kindle a few days ago and I've created a nice bond with it. I've got a lot of experience with Kindles and e-Readers so I'm no novice to this topic. I've got one thing to say about this new Kindle: Unreal. 
     Unreal in the fact that it almost is...fake. When I dropped on by to Staples to pick one up, I first asked the manager to see a demo unit of it first (just wanted to make sure this would be a worth wild review). As soon as it transferred over and it laid its 6 once body into my hand, I shouted (in my mind of course): FAKE. It was too light. Almost like he forgot to put the battery in. I then said to him "Haha, can I see the real one now". He looked at me as if I had plant that grew Kindles coming out of my head. I then said "Well c'mon, this can't be real, its too light." He said "No no sir, it sure is real." As soon as I turned it on to test his statement, I said "I'll take one". 

The new Kindle (like every other Kindle and real e-Reader out there) uses an e Ink display. Ink that quickly moves to create an uncanny real page experience. All other Kindles and Sony e Readers have some pretty-good e Ink, but this new Kindle has incredible  e Ink. The screen is perfect. On my now my out dated and extremely heavy 3rd gen Kindle, its screen is great, but when looking at it closely, it almost looks pixel-lated. The new Kindle on the other hand is amazing. Ink is perfect and it looks like real paper. Glare you ask? Shhh, don't say that too loud, the Kindle might hear it. There isn't such a thing on the Kindle. Unless you have a very strong flashlight pointed straight at a certain part of the text in a dark room, you almost never will see glare. 
Screen: 9.5/10

Battery: This one is gonna be pretty short and sweet. 1 month battery with about 30 minutes of reading a day. Wireless needs to be off though. Unfortunately, the Kindle Touch has 2 months of battery while this Kindle only has one.

Speed: You may be thinking, Speed on an e Reader? What am I, downloading 6GB torrents? But no, you need speed for page turning. And while may sound odd, it took a while for the first and second gen Kindle's page to turn. The screen would inverse its colors (AKA A refresh) and then the new page would load in. Now, with each 'load', 6 pages will come in, so you only have to refresh every 6 pages. This new kindle is fast and amazing all around!

Hardware: This Kindle is light, thin, and sturdy. All the things a good piece of tech needs. Weighing in at only 6 onces, this Kindle is amazingly light. The new Kindle also does away the big keyboard and trades it all in for a 5 button clicker. At first, I was really skeptical, thinking the clicker would be cheap and bad. But in reality, it's surprisingly good. It feels nice in the hand and you don't need to use the tip of your finger-nail to trigger it. There are 4 buttons surrounding it, two on each side. A back button, a keyboard button, a menu button and a home button, respectively. The keyboard button is great. It brings up an on screen keyboard and you can use the 5 button controller to type text in quickly and efficiently. 

     All and all, the Kindle is really nice and a fresh new price will want to make anyone buy one. While the 79 dollar prices does include 'special offers' you won't have to worry about them when you read, only as the screen saver and when you are the home page of the device. This Kindle, is light, easy to hold, thin, easy to fit in the pocket, thousands of books, new great design and incredible battery life. 

Amazon's new Kindle: 9.5/10

Thin, light amazing hardware
Best screen on the market. 
Incredible battery
Really, really nice price

Battery isn't as long as the one in the Kindle Touch


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