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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Galaxy Nexus (Verizon LTE Model) Hands On and First Impressions Look:

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the LTE Verizon Wireless model of the Galaxy Nexus today, right in Columbus Circle at the Samsung Experience store. Unfortunately, there was no release date or price announced, but hopefully this will hit the shelves December 8, which is next Thursday. This model packed 32 GB of storage, and though it has LTE, there was no SIM inside (the back battery door was locked down also). From the start, I can tell you it is thicker and heavier than the GSM version--and it is noticeable. That being said, it is still a very thin and light device, especially given that there is an LTE radio in there. In comparison to my LTE GSII Skyrocket (which as of this Thursday is receiving LTE in Manhattan), it is taller and a bit thinner. The device has great ergonomics, with the contour display and hyper skin back plate, it fits very nicely in your palm. After playing around with the device a bit, there are a few things I can confirm/point out:

It comes with two pieces of bloat ware that you cannot uninstall: My Verizon Mobile and VZ Backup Assistant.
2.  Live wallpapers other than the default ICS wallpaper generate significant lag throughout usage of the phone--there was a lot of lag even scrolling through the home pages
3.  Widgets being in the app drawer is annoying--and can be frustrating
4.  The GN is very very snappy. One of the quickest devices out right now.
5.  The back plate sports a Verizon 4G LTE brand name, replacing the space where “Google” was.

I was able to try out most, if not all, the new features of ICS and the phone (NFC Beam, screen shots, Zero Shutter lag, face effects, recent apps, etc.), and this is a very exciting and fun device. If you are eligible for upgrade, or are looking to switch phones and join Verizon, I can’t recommend any phone other than this.

Check out our photos:

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